Thursday, 19 March 2015

Beauty Tips

Hands & Feet
  • Before you go to bed, grab some Vaseline and socks, apply a thick layer of Vaseline on your feet for soft and smooth hills.
  • When you apply your face cream, dab some cream on the back of your hand to keep them soft and smooth.
  •  We usually throw away our tube of cream when we squeeze and squeeze but nothing comes out - be clever and cut of the bottom part, you'll be surprised how much cream is still left in the tube.
  • Before painting your nails take a cotton wool and clean your nails with polish remover - to get rid of oil. Then use a buffer to bring your nails to a high shine - you'll also notice its a smooth surface which makes painting your nails is easier and it looks prettier. 
  • To make your hands look younger wear nail polish or a big ring.
  • If you waxed your bikini line, a nappy rash cream will calm the irritation.
  • Citrus scents gives a feeling of youthfulness - so people think you are younger than you look. 
  • Apply plain yogurt to mild sunburn - it adds moisture & cools down. 
  • Keep candles & oils ready for that relaxing 'me-time'
  • Add some rose essential oil to that 'me-time' bath for skin toning. 
Keep an eye open for future posts on essential oils - hair, body, hand & feet etc.