Tuesday, 10 March 2015


3 Interesting facts about hair!
 ©     Our hair grows faster in summer.
 ©     Our hair grows in different rates – your leg hair grows an average 1 mm per week.   ©     If you have dark hair on your face – make an appointment with your doctor for medication. Reasons for this can be hormonal, genetic or a condition of hirsutism – it’s treatable.

Removing Unwanted Hair
The razor cuts the hair at the surfaces of the skin. Best time to shave is after a bath or during a bath; it helps to soften the hair. Shaving is best for legs and underarms, its fast and it can last max 2 days. Use an alcohol-free deodorant to sooth underarm razor burn.

Waxing pulls out the hair at the root, leaving the follicle empty. After you had a period – this will cause less pain. This is perfect for your legs, arms, bikini line and stomach – it lasts for 2 – 4 weeks, it’s very painful but it lasts the longest. After you have waxed, apply a soothing gel that prevents redness and irritation.

Hair removing cream
This hair removal cream weakens the hair until it melts away below the skin. Have a pre-shower, then rinse. This is good for legs or your bikini line; you’ll see results in maximum 15 minutes. This usually lasts up to 7 – 10 days. The hair usually grows back softer and more slowly. Replace moisture lost during hair removal with a lotion that slows growth.

Problems & Solutions!
Ingrown hair – as the hair grows back, it gets trapped beneath dead skin. It usually looks like a raised zit or a whitehead. Don’t pick it, it will work out itself. Try an exfoliating cream/oil (salicylic acid) that removes dead skin for to allow hair to resurface. Use after shaving or waxing.

Razor Burn – If you shave the same area more than once, you will get red & irritated skin. If you shave; dry or if you have sensitive skin try an Aloe hydrating moisturizer it is good for this problem & anti-oxidant vitamins to help heal the problem area. 

Black dots - These are usually the ends of the hair that stays behind in the follicle after they have been shaved. This is more prone to people with dark thick hair or enlarged pores. A fast-drying bronzer makes these dots less noticeable. A more painful way to get rid of this problem – waxing- the hair will be removed from the roots; this will cause lesser dots as the hair grows back again.

Professional Procures
2 Procedures to ensure you are permanently hairless. 

Electrolysis: A needle sends a slight electrical current to the root of each hair follicle, preventing it from growing back, the hair is being tweezed then. Only a small area of the hair is being focused on – it takes about 15 seconds per follicle per session. This feels like a needle prick. To get rid of each hair you’ll need about 3 sessions. 1 hour of electrolysis you’ll pay about R150 – R200.

Laser: An intense pulsed light zaps each hair in the area being treated. The laser covers an area fast and leaves a warm feeling. It hurts like a rubber band snap. After 2 sessions you’ll start seeing results, after 6 weeks you’ll kill each hair for good. This will cost you between R4000 – R5000) for 1 leg.



Hirsutism - 
Is a case of intolerable hair growth on woman.