Monday, 30 March 2015

Miss South Africa 2015 - Liesl Laurie!

What a glitz and glamorous event! Off course it's Miss South Africa 2015 - like a true rugby supporter as the game continues the tension build up and you feel like screaming and just praying your team wins. Well that's how I felt last night watching Miss South Africa that took place at Sun City!

When this glamorous events kicked off last night, we all set our hearts on a specific girl you know personally or just met through your TV screen  - either way SHE MUST WIN (according to you), because she is your favourite and she deserves it, so unless you have been following her on twitter/facebook any kind of social network and know she has done her part in the community even before Miss SA you are entitle to your own opinion, but like me (guilty) I didn't really do any research about the girls however, I did read on the Miss SA website their profiles I guess that still counts! :) 

Top 12

My favorites was
Chanelle Sardinha (23)

Danelle de Wet (21)

 Liesl Laurie (23)

Taryn Morris (25)

South Africa's TOP 3! 
 The first princess is Refilwe Mthimunye while Ntsiki Mkhize came third.
Miss South Africa Liesl Laurie!

Miss South Africa 2015 - LIESL !!
The beautiful, inspirational and ambitious 24 year old from Eldorado Park, South of Johannesburg, walked the stage with proud after being selected the most successful candidate to represent our beautiful country & making a difference in peoples lives! 

Crowned last night as Miss South Africa 2015, Liesl has a lot of responsibilities that lies ahead of her. In between her busy schedule being a B.Com student, modeling, making a difference and now Miss South Africa 2015 - we can only expect to see great things from this young lady.

Beautiful photos of Liesl


Miss World Winners - South Africa 

Penelope Anne Coelen - 1958

Anneline Kriel - 1974

Rolene Strauss - 2014

When beauties come together! 

Hope to see the finalists of 2015 that did not make it as a title holder this year, we as your fans & followers hope you will next year try again as Miss South Africa 2016. I believe these girls has achieved a lot just by being selected as the top 12 finalists. It takes hard-work, dedication, ambition and a heart of gold to come this far! There are so many girls out there that has what it takes to be part of this industry - only if you put your heart to it and know you really want it! You can achieve it! 

Hope you enjoyed this my beautiful people!