Wednesday, 25 March 2015

My Designing Presentation

So last year I finished my course in Fashion Artist and Portfolio Presentation. Once you start studying something you actually realize how many different aspects this interest of yours have. That's exactly what happened to me so I'm going to be honest I really thought it's just about picking up the pencil, be inspired and draw! We'll its not! I had 3 assignments and in those 3 assignments there were little tasks I had to do. 

But here are some of my end results - I'm proud to announce I got 100% for all 3 my assignments. 

Sophisticated but yet Glam look!

 Night time wear - not to fancy but i needed to add a bit of sparkles there

This is more relaxed when you are going away - but you still want to look good.

We all want people to STOP & STARE! So this was my first thought!
Red and sexy!

Let me know what you think!