Friday, 13 March 2015

Understanding THAT Fashion Style
The first time I set my eyes on Gossip Girl I fell in love with Preppy fashion style! This is your typical Upper East Side fashion style and without any doubt these girls pull it off perfectly. Who doesn’t love these two Besties?

Where and when was Preppy discovered?

Preppy fashion has its roots in the Ivy League Style of dress, which started around 1912 and became more established in the late 1950's. In the mid-20th century J. Press and Brooks Brothers both had stores on Ivy League school campuses, incl. Harvard, Princeton and Yale. Preppy Fashion emerged in the 1970's with cue from the original Ivy League Style, along with influences from traditional North-eastern culture.

Some typical preppy styles also reflect traditional upper class New England leisure activities, such as polo, sailing, hunting, golf, rugby, and swimming. This association with New England outdoor activities can be seen in preppy fashion, through stripes and colours, equestrian clothing, plaid shirts, field jackets, and nautical-themed accessories. By the 1980's a slew of brands such as Lacoste, Izod, and Dooney & Bourke became associated with preppy style.

For professional woman, preppy-influenced fashions became dominant beginning in 1960's, a trend led by designers such as Perry Ellis, ans influenced by designers such as Oleg Cassini. The classic ensembles often seen worn by professional woman in East Coast cities and elsewhere include tailored skirt suits, low heels, wrap dresses, shift dresses, silk or cotton blouses, and jewelry with refined style. Such clothing often includes elements drawn from typical preppy style, such as a nautical stripes, pastel colours, or equestrian details. Some 'cultural icons' of preppy style for professionmal woman include Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and 20th century New York socialites Gloria Guinness, Babe Paley, Slim Keith, and C. Z. Guest, all woman whose style is often referenced by designers. 

In recent years, newer outfitters such as Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, Vineyard Vines and Elizabeth MaKay are also frequently perceived as having preppy styles, with designers such as Marc Jacobs and Luella Bartley adding the preppy style into their clothes in the 1990's. New York City maintains itself as the headquarters for most preppy clothing lines, such J. Press, Daniel Cremieux, Ralph Lauren, and Kate Spade New York, and demonstrate prep subculture as a reflection of North Eastern culture.

Know Your Preppy 

These are a few basics of Preppy Style...

Argyle Sweaters

Crew neck sweaters

Grosgrain of woven leather belts



Nantucket reds 

Button down Oxford cloth shirts

Seersucker cotton suiting

Pearl necklaces and earrings

Gold bangle or large chain bracelets

Penny loafers

Boat shoes.

So now that we are done with Preppy, keep an eye open for more fashion styles you might just fall in love with.