Thursday, 2 April 2015

Crochet Crafts

My family is very creative and today I feel like sharing our many talents.

My idea for the following posts is either using the crafts as decorations for your house (in the kitchen), office or perhaps party ideas - if you are like me and love googling party ideas, you'll get the inspiration and start thinking creative!
Party idea

I have to say I love this idea! All the different sweeties and paper crafts,
different shades of pink! 
My next crafts is perfect to work them in this kind of party ideas! 
Most of the below items were crochet with line! 
This makes these crafts more strong and it looks more valuable!

















You can use these crocheted glass tins for sweeties, pencil holders on your desk at work or school. 
There are also glass vases which will give your flowers a more vintage look, 
especially with the line crochet - LOVE IT! 

 This was crochet around the rock which is very nice - 
this is soooo much prettier than the normal sausage dog or your boring old door stopper.  

 Angel hangings - this is sooo pretty! It was only the angels but the 
lady decided to 'dollie' it up and covered them up, with angel pants and angel skirts! 


My sneaky sneaky dog eating my decoration - 
thought I wasn't watching her! 

If you would be interested to purchase any of the above crafts 
(not included my doggie - laughs) 
feel free to mail me and I will contact the suppliers for more information. 
Please note if you purchase the crochet item it includes the glass tin/vase or angels.

Happy Shopping everyone.