Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Dreams and Holidays

Hi Beautiful people!

Busy Schedule
I haven’t forgotten about my blog, the last few days I've been very busy with some awesome stuff! But I can’t tell you about it yet. It's not major but I loved every single minute of it. Basically it’s something I want to build up as my career, but unfortunately this is not something I can just walk in and do or send my CV - NO it takes time, dedication and a lot of self-confidence and it’s probably one of the most exciting industries possible (if you are me)! :D 
I'm still happy at my current job so I'll be doing this in my spare time due to circumstances I can't leave everything and just do it - there's another reason why I started my blog. :) 

Week with the family
Next week I’ll be spending the week away with the family. A little family holiday. Can’t wait have not been on holiday or away for some time! So looking forward to this, doing some fishing with my nephew, hippo’s & crocodiles watching, dinosaurs exploring, botanical gardens, rugby Lions vs Cheetahs (Whooohhoooo Lions) etc. Can’t wait! But I’ll also do some research and when I’m back, I’ll share everything. The accommodation is also beautiful, I’m thinking about doing a fashion post there and I will also add a post on the accommodation itself under Travel label. Watch this space for exciting new posts.

Dream Big!
As per my last post I told you guys take chances and follow your dreams if you haven’t yet, tell me why and what is stopping you maybe we can help each other out. Tell me if you have, and how it turned out for you so far - I’d like to get more involved with my followers so share ideas, dreams and wishes with me. Always remember dreams are the one thing people can not take away from you.

Yesterday I had so much work to catch up on so I’ll be posting something nice tomorrow. If you ever have any suggestions what you would like to see on my blog let me know. Maybe we have the same interests! ;)

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Have a great day and God bless! 

“Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you” ~ Hebrews 13:5