Friday, 10 April 2015

Golden Goddess Outfit

Hellooooo All you beautiful people! 

I'm going to be honest, I have been struggling with this post - not that I didn't have anything to post, but simply because I had to convert a PDF to a JPEG! BUT I managed to figure that out (eventually)! (Happy dance).

For the few warm days we still hope to have here in South Africa, before the Winter sets its claws in us. 
I put an outfit together for an afternoon at the movies or at the mall or a get-together with some friends or family! Well whatever you plan to do this weekend ,work this outfit in your schedule! 

How I came up with this post idea. Last week I bought some jewelry at Mr Price & Legit, which was totally affordable, Yes if I can save anywhere I will! :) So instead of just posting a boring photo of each item, I thought I'd rather put a whole outfit together. 

More about the Golden Goddess outfit!
I decided to call this outfit "Golden Goddess" - I prefer gold over silver, 
I will wear silver but I'm more a golden girl. 

White jewel neckline blouse - preferable a chiffon fabric & sleeveless blouse.
Comfortable dark skinny jeans - High-waist or hipster as long as the love handles 
don't bowl over your jeans.
Pretty gold sandals - If you want to add some color to the sandals perhaps add a similar color
 combination as your statement necklace (flower colors)  or just plain gold!
Plain loopy hoopy gold earring - because you are wearing a statement necklace you don't want to draw to much attention to your earrings.
Beautiful big curls - I have seen this picture of Hilary Duff before, so somewhere in the back of my mind it was still playing a big roll! Her hair and make up is perfect for this outfit. 
Peachy lips - This is such a beautiful color & it blends in with the necklace perfectly. 

 Main item in this outfit is my necklace!

Gold bulky necklace with flowers for a more friendly look.


If you tried out the Golden Goddess outfit this weekend - feel free to forward me your photo

Hope to hear from you soon!