Thursday, 16 April 2015

Golden Jewelry Galore 

Hi Beautiful people!

I had to share the rest of my jewelry pieces, I bought so I created a collage!

3 of these items will be added into my competition bag!

Top Row:
1st picture: Bangles - I love these bangles but unfortunately they didn't have my size, but I still bought them to add them to the bag, it’s a combination color of gold and black. The black has a kind of a rubber matte shade!
2nd Picture: Leopard skin ribbon ring - this is my favorite (didn't have my size), the ribbon is a bit big but not un-wearable big - also in the bag!
3rd Picture: Finally something that fit ... (into my ear). I love how this breaks the rest of the gold color but still blends in!

Bottom Row:
1st Picture: Flowery earrings - this is sooo pretty, big on the ear but not heavy! It has little diamonds with a 3D effect, which breaks the color and you can try out these earrings with something gold - but as per my previous post don’t mix gold and silver if it’s going to look ridiculous.
2nd Picture: There were 4 different rings - all of them gold, flower, black bead with diamond, love ring, and a gold ring with diamonds - once again if you can pull this gold and silver off without making it look stupid do it! I have seen jewelry that actually looks great if you combine the 2 colors - just depending how you match them and what type of gold or what type of silver. (PSSSSST ... Also in the bag)
3rd Picture: Heavy chain gold toggled bracelet with diamonds on the ring and bar.

If you love this jewellery as much as I do, you can purchase it at any Mr Price or Legit stores in your area. It’s affordable and perfect for if you want to draw attention to yourself!