Monday, 13 April 2015

Golden Leopard Statement

As per my previous post I told you guys I did some jewelry shopping, so this jewelry shopping is actually a very inspirational thing, because I have so many ideas for different outfits.

My main item is my gold link necklace with a Bluish Green stone pendant and 2 elephant teeth on both sides!
For a perfect outfit to go with this statement necklace - this is what I had in mind!

  • Leather black Tights
  • Long sleeve black chiffon top with cuffed wrists   
  • Ankle boots - plain black or brown boots will do the thing you will still look awesome, but my ideal ankle boots will be the inside out leopard skin boots! 
  • Duffel Handbag
  • Earrings - This is soooo nice, it's similar to the statement necklace teeth! 
  • Make-up - Try to focus on the eyes more than on the lips something natural for the lips will be great - but add some green and gold to your beautiful eyes. 
  • Nails - Because you are not really wearing any rings or bangles, go for some pretty gold glittery nails. 

Let me know what you thought of my post, or if you tried out my Golden Leopard outfit send me a picture would love to see!