Friday, 24 April 2015

Make-up Artist till the max!

So last night was a rather interesting class at modelling we had a make-up artist to show us some basic make-up and interesting tips.

I'd like to share some of the photos with you. I have to admit though, the photos doesn't quit do this make-up artist justice to what she presented to us. 

She introduced us to 3 different looks.

Look No 1
The natural look 

This look is perfect especially if you are doing a modeling portfolio, you don't want to have too much make-up on. 

Look No 2
'The Kim Kardashian look' 
If you ask any of us at modelling what was the second look, we will probably say 'The Kim Kardashian look' 

It also looks natural - But some parts of the face was contrasted and highlighted. 

Look No 3 
The smoky eyes. 
We all love smoky eyes. With smoky eyes you don't have to use black you may use any color, blue, pink, brown etc. You start light (the whole eye area), dark on the outside of your eyes and work to lighter shades as you move towards the inside of your eyes. You can use liquid eye liner, charcoal or like Rochelle used eye shadow. I asked her about bright eyes - light lips, Bright lips - light eyes. She said it doesn't matter you may use both dark, (she preferred both dark for this look), after she done the whole look I saw the dark color lipstick she used, it wasn't very dark so it actually looked very nice.

Rochelle applied false eyelashes which I wanted to show you. She said we can apply mascara, but her personal favorite is false eye lashes. I have never tried out false eye lashes, so I have to admit I was actually happy she brought this up. When you apply false eye lashes, apply the glue to the lashes, slowly wave it so it gets sticky (not dry) then stick it to your own eye lashes, as close as possible so it will look natural. Note * your false eye lashes will be short on one side and get longer towards the end. The short part needs to be applied to the inner side of your eye. 

 No false eye lashes applied

False eye lashes applied

Total look from the front (without false eye lashes)

One part of the class, our make-up artist and model.

Make-up equipment.

If you would like to get your make-up done, a photographer, hair or nails, give Rochelle a call or drop her a mail. 

Rochelle Stander

Hope you enjoyed this post.


“The joy of the Lord is your strength” ~ Nehemiah 8:10