Friday, 29 May 2015

Daily make-up fix

Okay so for us not really loving & enjoying our daily tasks we really do appreciate our weekend! So cheers to the weekend to each one of my followers that feels the same way as I do!

Hehehe obviously some day we have to start following our dreams and leave behind what never really made us happy – no matter how difficult it is, just keep on trying! You might be someone’s role model and if you give up, you are showing them that giving up is an option? And it isn’t!

So just a bit of advise from a blogger to a follower...
‘Follow your dreams, you never know if you might see the sun rise or set today!’
‘Do what you want to – not what people tell you or expect you to do’
‘Miracles come true, dreams come true – so make a miracle dream come true’

Okay so now that I shared a bit of advise I want to share something else ‘Make-up’!

So these items are a combination of my favourite items put together.

I love blusher – especially because I have a bit of tubby cheeks I prefer blusher. Applying on my jawline makes my cheeks look bonier. Makes sense?

Eye brow colour
I had an Oops! With my eye brows one day so I apply an eye brow shadow to make my eye brows look fuller and darker. I have black eye brows and my hair is rather light (my natural hair colour)?!
I have a brown and a black. I blend it in and it looks great.

Eye shadow
I like eye shadow. I have started to use eye shadow instead of eye pencil and it works like wonders!
I can use brown (love brown make up) or black.

At the moment I am just using liquid foundation – I need to get the perfect powder. This essence oil free foundation is great. The colour is great and I enjoy how it doesn’t make my skin break out! I have to admit one of my favourite make up brands is ESSENCE, it offers great pencils, shadows etc and it is affordable.

This is my emergency make-up bag let me know what's in yours.

Have a great weekend everyone!