Monday, 25 May 2015

Mpumalanga: Earthy Natural Africa (Souvenirs)

Good Afternoon beautiful people! 

I really wanted to share this with you guys - if you are in the area or you visiting South Africa - support these people, they are creative, hardworking and entrepreneurs and it is important to support small businesses - we all need to make a living right?

Nelspruit - These necklaces are fabulous if you are into natural colors and earthy. They are made from seeds - not sure exactly what seeds. 
I got this from the Farm Stall when you are entering Nelspruit (from Jhb side - right side) I bought these for R12 each! There are lots more items to choose from. From home made canned fruit (in glass bottles, farm-ish) to neatly packed dried fruits.

"This shop has such a friendly and welcoming country atmosphere!" 

Sabie - These items are my souvenirs, I bought all this from a real South African shop in Sabie. I had to buy these items - and best of all they were affordable. The drum R26, kalbassie, wooden spoons and steel spools between R2 - R12.

P.S.! While you are there take a jog to the garage across the road from the shop there is a biltong shop! Best Biltong and droe wors ever!! 

Mac Mac Falls - This was very special for me. 
These ladies and gents sit in the cold and heat everyday trying to make a living mostly through tourists - but as locals me and my sister had to support them. 
Unfortunately we didn't have enough money on us to support all of them - we didn't know there were markets; otherwise I would have supported all of them. 
I can also with all honesty say these items are very affordable - 
between R5 - R500 most expensive?
My total buy was about R200 - for everything 
(2 items not on photo below).

God's Window - Oe!! Probably my most favorite item I purchased. 
I bought this from God's Window's market!!! I got the pencil for my nephew 
(his happy with anything), and the leather shoes for myself! 
These shoes are so comfortable and handmade by the lady ladies uncle! 
Pencil R20 and shoes R180.

Mac Mac Falls - Another piece I bought from the MMF - I love these seedy necklaces, it's natural and earthy, this one specific reminds me of the sea... probably the sandy colors in the Western Cape - Cape Agulhas to be exact. Beautiful beaches - a must visit! 

As a entrepreneur myself, it is very difficult to get your loyal customers, I understand people interests differ but instead of buy-passing our adverts rather share it for others to see, that way you as individual with a different interest also helps us building our businesses just by sharing - 
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