Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Nelspruit – Hippo Water Front Lodge

Hi beautiful people! 

First of all my apologies for my absentees for the last... week! I have not forgotten about you guys, I was on holiday and what a treat it was! As per my previous post I did promise to bring back a bit of paradise and I did! 
Because we did so much this holiday I thought of sharing something each day. 
Starting with...

Paradise: Nelspruit! 

While some people work there, us from Johannesburg can enjoy a break away to Nelspruit and live the calm life, breathe in the fresh air and feel the farm atmosphere! I always knew I wanted to marry a Rugby player (Lion) but after this week, I'm considering a 'Boer'! (Laughs). 

Nelspruit is a city in north-eastern South Africa. It is the capital of the Mpumalanga province and located on the Crocodile River.

Me and my family was lucky enough to find the perfect accommodation at the Hippo Water Front Lodge (B & B/self-catering), 10 km before Nelspruit (from Jhb side)! Our chalet had 2 bedrooms each had their own loo and shower and an outside kitchen which was actually very nice! I enjoyed it! It's situated on the banks of the Crocodile River and there’s a 2.5km gravel road but once you reach your destination you'll forget about that and enjoy the quit relaxing atmosphere of the farm between mountains and fruity and nutty plantations! 
See some of my favourite photos

Entrance at the lodge

  Our chalet

One of our bedrooms

 We saw and heard the hippo's almost everyday... and if you are lucky enough sometimes they walk around on the premises.

The gravel road not bad at all if this is your view. 

You have to cross the Crocodile river in order to get to the lodge, this was taken at sunset. 

 The gravel road - almost at the lodge.

This is the pub at the lodge; we didn't visit it but went to take a peek 
its perfect for a sundowners while the sun sets!

So this was just some photos I took, I actually took over a 1000 photos! 

If you are interested in visiting the Hippo Water Front Lodge, Nelspruit lies about 330 kilometres east of Johannesburg and is perfect for a weekend breakaway or a long weekend, even a Holiday if you are not in the mood to drive too far. 
Hippo Water Front Lodge
Visit their website 

My next post will be about the beautiful Botanical Gardens in Nelspruit! Don't miss out.