Friday, 8 May 2015

Nelspruit: Botanical Gardens

It's Friday and almost the weekend, but unfortunately my weekend only starts after 9 o'clock tonight - we have a team building Action cricket game tonight - so may the best team win! hehehe 

As I promised I will be posting something about my holiday - but I don't have my photos with me at the moment - but I will tell you about my experience anyways and share some other images (from the net) and post mine on Monday. That's okay with you?

About the Botanical Gardens

The character of the Garden is shaped by the two main rivers that cut across it,
Namely the Crocodile and Nels Rivers. Before these two rivers converge in the
Garden, they form spectacular waterfalls which can be viewed at the Cascades and the Nels viewpoint. When the Crocodile River is low, interesting geological formations are visible.

When in bloom the clivia’s at the Garden’s main entrance are a beautiful and welcoming sight.

Walking through the enchanting African Rain Forest enables one to cross the Crocodile River across the famous suspended bridge, where the cascading waterfall can also be viewed.

The South African Forest contains fascinating vegetation from the Coastal Belt as well as the Limpopo Province.

I’m not your typical active girl getting up at 5 for a jog – but if I have to take a walk through the Gardens at 5 in the morning – feel free to wake me up! 

This is something I’ll definitely do again it was fun, interesting and well next time I’m taking my picnic bag with!

Hope you enjoyed the post will be posting my photos on Monday!

For more information visit The Botanical Gardens Website.