Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Taylor Swift – favorite sidewalk looks!

Hellllooooo beautiful people,

I try to subscribe to ALL major websites to get updates and at the moment my 3 favorite one’s are Vogue, ELLE and Free People – Vogue and ELLE, we all know is the world’s TOP FASHION magazines (and who’s doing what stories)! Free People is an online fashion shop – if that’s the correct way to put it? anyways just go check it out - that’s if you are into the who Bohemian style, living on the beach with your fabric draping tents and eating all natural foods like fruit ... leaves – Okay I don’t really know what you eat (if you are Bohemian, but darling I love your style).

Back to what I actually want to share with you guys is... (Drum roll please) TAYLOR SWIFT! My all time favorite international artist, fashion icon and an inspiration to my fashion designing – that’s how I see Taylor Swift, I mean how perfect can one be? she looks like a princess, your typical girl (just like me and you), our hearts have been broken (over and over and over and....), except where we differ she made a career out of her broken heart (over and over and...) and we didn't. Did I add she has a beautiful skin!

Name: Taylor Alison Swift
Date of Birth: Dec 13, 1989
Born: Wyomissing, Pennsylvania
At the age of 14 Taylor moved to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue her dream as a country singer.

2008       Fearless – ‘Love song’ and ‘You belong with me’, became the best-selling album in the USA in 2009, the album also won Grammy awards and the youngest winner ever for the ‘Album of the year’.
2010       Speak now – Sold more than 1 mil copies within the first week of their U.S. release. ‘Mean’ won 2 Grammy awards.
2012       Red – Also sold more than 1 mil copies in the first week of their U.S. release. ‘We are never ever getting back together’ and ‘I knew you were trouble’ were worldwide hits.
2014       1989 – more pop focused – more copies was sold in its opening week than any album in the previous 12 years, it was also made Taylor the first and only act to have 3 albums sell more than 1 mil copies in opening week. ‘Shake it off’ and ‘Blank Space’ both reached no 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

So what made me actually interested in sharing some of Taylor's sidewalk looks was ELLE’s article about her sidewalk looks “55 Times ELLE's June Cover Girl, Taylor Swift, Turned the Sidewalk into a Catwalk.
These were my favorites.

Out in Los Angeles in Alice + Olivia shorts, Prada shoes, a Charlotte Olympia bag, and an Irene Neuwirth necklace. 
I like this outfit, especially if you are tall with the ankle boots, you can pull it off. The high-waist pants also makes your legs look longer. My personal opinion for short girls that wants to try this, go with an open shoe or perhaps a boot with a cut, down to your toes to make your legs look taller.  If your high waist shorts are printed and looks 'busy', go with a plain top (like Taylor), add jewelry if you want to draw a bit of attention to your beautiful face.

Out in New York city’s SoHo. 
This will probably be my first choice of outfit if I meet up with a friend at a coffee shop. 
I love the Peter Pan Collar, its got that sweet girl look, baby blue dress (I’d go for a black). 
Her peach loafers is probably something I would have never bought myself but a few months ago, 
I purchased a pair (flats - Moccasins) and I love it.  
The mustard satchel is so feminine and some how Taylor seems to pull of all the colors perfectly!

Leaving her TriBeCa Apartment in New York with a Valextra handbag.
I love the whole outfit! (it might just be a jacket, stockings and ankle boots - but what the hell, it looks sooo nice).
The cream collarless princess coat is just the right length - it hides your party dress perfectly if you want to WOW the crowd. 
I love the laced black ankle boots with the black stockings - it makes her legs look slimmer 

In an Osman romper and Lorraine Schwartz earrings at the Pre-Grammy Awards Gala in Beverly Hills. 
Okay so with all honesty this might look like your pajamas - but if you looked this good in a baby blue (shorts & 3/4 sleeve) jumpsuit with yellow dotties - why not wear them to the Pre-Grammy awards?  I love how she can pull off this look. I personally think her make-up gives the look a more professional edge. I have always liked the idea of shorts and 3/4 or long sleeve.

In Julien MacDonald at the 2013 American Music Awards. 
WOW this is my favorite of all outfits. The mini-dress featured a nude-illusion lining at the bodice - 
which was not on his original design on the catwalk. I love belts so the belt blended perfectly in with the rest dress.
Her choice - or stylists choice of Jimmy Choo shoes was a great match for the dress, 
any other color wold have not completed the dress the same way these shoes does.
 Her hair and make up also gave this look a sexy edge. 
Hair: messy, bedhead waves. Make-up: bronze-tinged smokey eyes and nude lips. 
(Glad she forgot about the red lipstick) 

So I'm not going to go through all my favourite sidewalk outfits - so if you want to check the rest out visit