Friday, 15 May 2015

The Wedding Outfit! 

Helllloooooo Beautiful people!! 

Soooooo this week I have been making big plans for this weekend and my career! 
I will soon start with my beauty therapy course - I CANT WAIT!
And this weekend I have a wedding! 
But first back to the Beauty Therapy course - I applied with a distance learning college as I have to work while I study (for the money off course).
So my goal is to start my own beauty salon by next year December 2016.
If the time isn't right yet, I'll have my own mobile salon - to start! 
So basically the services I will be offering is: 
Facial skin care
Lash and brow

And when I'm done I'd like to do a hair course.
But one thing at a time!


The above image is a combination of items similar to what mine looks like.

The Dress: 

Last year with my modelling Nationals I bought myself a dress similar to the top, only short sleeves and the back isn’t as low as above (I would have loved exactly the same dress). My reason also for purchasing this dress is because I'm short and I don’t have the slimmest body - I always try to wear something that hides the curvy areas. This dress also gives such a sexy look with the slit and the open back. I have never really been bothered about showing cleavage but with a beautiful back - who cares about cleavage???

The Shoes:

My shoes are black and look almost the same except for the ankle strap. 
Tip - if you are short and feel more comfortable with ankle straps – go for thin straps, a thick strap is going to make your legs look shorter and bigger!


Black plain clutch bag. It just has to be big enough for my basic - cell phone, lip-ice, lip-stick, base, tissue, and a perfume –
to make sure you keep fresh all night. 

Earrings and bracelet:

This was the closest I could find to what mine actually looks like
 Earrings: Gold and silver strings with diamonds. Its soooo pretty!
Bracelet: 2 (x 3) different strings - also with diamonds.
It makes your arms look!


At first I wanted to do some curly's but I decided to go with the long straighten hair!! Above hair styles I just loved, my idea is to have the one side up, (plaited - brown hair girl), because I have a fringe, it will look something like the blonde hair girl? Hope it makes sense! 


My favourite part of all! I decided to go with a gold, bronze and black look. The wedding starts at 3 but I can still pull off this Smokey eye look - any time of the day. I have to admit when I saw this colour lipstick I loved it! I'd usually go for blood red lipstick but this dark colour will really look good with my eye make-up!  

Make sure you keep an eye open next week when my update pops up in your mail box or when you just quickly want to check in on my blog –
I'll post some photos of the wedding!!! :)

Have a save and great weekend!