Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Wedding Fever

What a wonderful weekend.
Saturday i attended a wedding with a friend of mine (you'll probably remember my post last week about my outfit? Yap that wedding!)
The whole wedding was beautiful, but obviously we all fall back when it comes to the bride - she looked absolutely beautiful! Just like a Princess! Yes she left us ALL breathless when she walked across the bridge. 

We were across the river from them - as the Bride and her bride's maids came across the small wooden bridge we all were breathless she looked like a Princess from a far far away kingdom. Something out of a fairy tale. Here bridesmaids looked all just as beautiful (and edgy if i may add) - red booby tube (air-light) dresses and cowboy boots! This made me fall in love with this wedding even more. The little boy with the cross-bands - how handsome is that?
I have to admit even I was close to shedding a tear as she came closer, the feeling inside was undescribable - I didn't even get married and I felt like that.

The Groom - think the stress might have caught up with him! This was a face of relief as the bride came closer! I loved this photo! 

The Groom's brothers and now brother in law! Proud was written all over their faces! They have a beautiful sister-in-law! 

This was just a very pretty decoration

This was on our tables - a newsletter for each guest!
And Exactly how the Groom proposed to the Bride.
We also received a thank you gift - small glass bottles with caramelized popcorn (Yummy) and each table had 2 bottles of wine (Red & White) from Du Toits Kloof (a Tunnel close to Worcester in the Western Cape) 

More Wedding photos

Me and my date & his family! 

Me and my date!

Me and my best friend (Right) and (left) her brothers 
girlfriend and me in the middle!

...And me!

Let me know what you think of the outfit! 

Tip! Always make sure you do your hair first - 
you never know when you might have load shedding! 
(I finished my make-up on Sat and just as I was about to start with my hair - 
we got load shedding (laughs) - but I still love SA)

Have a wonderful day everyone!