Monday, 26 October 2015

Happy Hawaiian 

So this morning I called my best friend, she's coming to visit this weekend, can't wait!! Anyways sooo while we were talking I remembered I saw on Facebook she was at a party which was a Hawaiian theme... and I asked her what was the occasion, 'It was her birthday get together' !!! How awesome is that ... not that it was her birthday get together, but rather the fact that for my 25th birthday party i had exactly the same idea!!! Aloha!!! hehehe 

Her birthday is the 28th and she's visiting this weekend ... and we are celebrating her birthday ... mine and just our friendship. She currently lives in Lichtenburg so from Jburg its a bit far. Unfortunately I can't visit her as I don't have a car or a license really need to get that!!!

So here are some of my thoughts to making my birthday party just as awesome as hers. 






So I bought most of my party decorations already. My venue probably just at home and guests just my family. Reason for this not being a big bash is because my birthday is the 24th of December everyone is on holiday, at the sea, on the beach, at a wildlife resort... everywhere except there for my birthday!! hahaha but I'm used to that now.

Anyways ... I'll update you once im done making my first invite hehe...

Have a great day all.

Aloha - Andrea