Monday, 29 February 2016

Skin Types – Oily skin

(Post Friday 26.02.2016)

So as I was about to start my computer, to start my content... my laptop had some loading thing happening ... I decided just to sit and wait, it wouldn’t take that long right? It did like 10 minutes+! Hehehe while i was waiting i was listening...

MNDR – Kimono
I was actually looking for the theme song of the Kardashians – yap I'm a huge fan of the Kardashian's and Jenner's (not Cait that much)... – with the whole beat box thingy going on but instead I got this song, it’s the same but think that one was a bit more remixed!!! 
NRG – Maday (Afrikaans)
Robin Schulz – Sugar
Silento – watch me whip nae nae
Survivor – Eye of a tiger
Simple Plan – Summer Paradise
Koos – Tamboerynman (Afrikaans)
The Vamps – Can we dance?

Anyways so as most of you know or read on my last few posts, I am studying beauty therapy – totally love it, yes I have to admit I never really thought what I am studying ... I would! But it’s okay cause it is actually interesting. Business English, Anatomy and Physiology etc.

So I received my new study material and practical and there is some interesting info that I would like to share with you guys.

Today I would like you to identify your skin type if you don’t know what you have. (Follow my posts to find out what you are).

Today I'm giving a little bit of more information on dry skin type.

Oily / Acne Skin

Characteristics of oily skin
     Visible large pores
     Small inflamed areas (occasionally)
     Bit of shine to face
     No dry areas
     Oily skin is prone to breakouts
     Acne on back, neck and chest

Treatments and Products suitable for oily skin
     Cleanser – foam or gel
     Moisturizer – Lightweight with SPF sun protection
     Toner – you can use a toner that contains between 20% and 60% of alcohol

Natural ingredients for oily skin
     Tea tree oil
     Egg white
     Strawberry Tomato
     Lime juice
     Witch hazel (I am using this as a toner now)
     Apple cider vinegar

Suitable facials for oily / acne skin
     Deep cleansing
     Basic / normal facials
     Aromatherapy facials
    Exfoliating facials
    Clay Mask facial
    Oxygen facials
    Fruit Acid Peel facials

Tips to prevent worsen oily / acne skin and breakouts
    Wash your face twice a day
    Witch hazel serves as a great toner
    Don’t use cream cleanser – always use gel or foam cleanser
    Aloe Vera gel can also be great to absorb oiliness
    Use a light weight moisturiser that specifies ‘for oily skin’
    Use an exfoliator designed for all skin types       
    Exfoliate every third day
    Crushed almond, honey and sugar work well for oily skin 
    Oatmeal mixed with honey and sugar is also a great exfoliator
    Use ‘oil free’ makeup, 
    Use water based foundation – not ‘oil based’
    Don’t touch your face during the day – before you do wash your hands  
    Citrus, lime, lemon, Aloe Vera and tea tree work great on oily skin.
    Clay mask help reduce oil on the skin

Please Note! This is only advise I am giving. Please make sure you are not allergic to any of the items used in the masks or my above content - I will not be held liable for any allergic reactions.

Have a great day !