Monday, 22 February 2016

Happy new Year 

Okay it might be 53 days late... rather late then never ... right? 

So I'm sharing a little fan gossip first, I love Southern Curls and Pearls blog. Her blog is so inspirational for us newby bloggers and its almost my 1st Blog Birthday, but back to what I was saying, usually I just check out her photos - I don't really do the reading part so today I decided to read and actually go into her blog and read a little bit more. I'm glad I did. 

As a blogger I am often scared I'm going to post something that people might think is boring but at the end of the day it's MY blog not the people's. If you like what I post comment please I'd appreciate that, getting a readers point of view on my content will be great and nice knowing that people actually read my blog - but with my hand full of readers (for now) - Thank you. I really appreciate it.

So Back to #1 why I read her blog... today... inspiration...
She started like any bloggers nothing professional, momma took some photos, photos was taken in her bedroom.... but what got me she started small and she didn't expect anything big ... major.. happening right there and then, she worked towards her success.

Thank you for always brightening up my day with a Southern Curls & Pearls post Caitlin.

So back to my blog this year I have so many plans and things I want to do. 

Owh quick one I got my learners and my mom's been giving me and my sister some lessons - Yap we are doing great - although we have to work on the nerves a bit! 

So tonight I'll make a list of all the things I want to do this year, 
I will update you guys tomorrow!! 

Well I'm going home now!! 

Have a great day and save traveling!