Monday, 7 March 2016

MultiFlora John Meyburgh - Flower Designers

A man’s heart is through his stomach, will I be correct if I say a ladies heart is through flowers? As ladies we differ so the way to your heart may differ from the rest, but after Saterday I’d definitely go with flowers.
1. Whose heart won’t lit up if you get the most beautiful flowers (at that moment) delivered to you at work or home?
2. The fragrance is calming but still exciting.
3. It doesn’t add that extra kilogram on the bum or hips - so gents don’t go and buy chocolates with rather go with Turkish delight or even fudge – yes I know it’s also fattening but it wouldn’t sound that bad then.

Today we visited the MultiFlora in Johannesburg your number one floral market in Johannesburg – please correct me if there are other floral markets that beat MultiFlora – in Johannesburg! Anyways so John Meyburgh was our Flower Designer, as he refers to himself. He says he is NOT a florist!
I’d like to share some images of this event and John’s beautiful creations.

If you are lucky enough to have a seat you got these 4 magazines.
Garden & Home – Who made this event possible today.
Your Family
Woman and Home 

John in action.

Goody Bags

Who doesn’t love goody bags!! So after the show you have to run to get a goody bag because there are only 200!

And the winner is!!!
Yap I actually won something! Sponsored by Home and Garden.

If you’d like to join one of these events make sure you always about 1 hour and half early if you want to get the nice seats. Not that it is that much of an issue but it does get a bit crammed if you’re late.
Next event will be about crafts on the 4th of April 2016 – so make sure you join the fun!


Have a great day!