Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Date Ideas

Okay sooo we all have been in love or is in love or has been in love since day one! What ever the case is, being in love is probably one of the best feelings we can experience... there is a few good feelings but at the moment I am in the 'In love' feeling.

Because I am going on holiday next month and I want to treat my boyfriend for a date night. I googled just to get inspired....I know I want to take him to the movies and then maybe something afterwards... 

But here are a few ideas for a nice date - only you two!

  • Be silly - Challenge each other, go to the magic company, laser shooting even tenpin bowling (Carnival City).
  • Learn to dance - Go for a romantic couple dance class.
  • Have brunch together - Go to a coffee shop or a nursery (some nursery usually have really nice restaurants where you can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and something to eat).
  • Visit your old schools - Whether you were in the same school or different schools, tell school memories to each other - please don't tell stories about your ex's that's just a NONO!!
  • Get physical - and by this I mean do exercise together, work out a 'work-out' plan.
  • Hit the open waters - If you don't live near the coast, you can visit a dam or river close by. Go fishing or go out a boat with a bottle of wine and some snacks and maybe a beer for your man. 
  • Go see a show - whether it is a comedian preforming or a theater show. Pick something you both will enjoy.
  • Take a tour - Brewery or a wine tour is always a fun idea. Sometimes you get driven around by a bus (this is when you do the wine tour - not sure the brewery).
  • Visit a bookstore - Purchase a book of your choice, something you enjoy and make a swap, read what interest your partner has. 
  • Be cheesy - This will be ideal for a stay at home winter night in front or the fire place, experiment different cheeses and wine and just .... taste cheese! 
  • Document your night - Make a documentary of your night but be sure to make it fun... make memories! You can maybe ... just maybe play this back for your children one day.
  • Go to a Rugby game - it doesn't have to be Rugby, but Rugby is my favorite so obviously I'm picking this. Make sure you are supporting the same team to avoid disappointment! ;)
  • Go to the drive in - If you still live in a country where you have a drive in, take your girls or your boy! This is probably one of the most classic dates you will ever go on.
  • Dinner at the roadhouse - Messy burgers, milkshake and people running on roller blades... okay maybe I'm pushing the roller blades but that would have been pretty awesome.
  • Hit the club - Just go out and dance the night away with your partner. Have a shooter together, be surprised how your partner actually enjoy themselves. 
  • Masterchef! - I call this masterchef because this is what me and my boyfriend calls it we had masterchef Friday night and it was awesome! Whether you are baking or cooking together, cook like a chef, eat like royalty and clean like a servant! - ALL Together! 
  • Fulfill your bucket list - If you don't have toooo much expectations regarding your bucket list and you are a plain Jane, you can actually help tick off at least one or two bucket list desires for your partner. 
  • Road trip - Take a road trip, even if it is just an hour away or if your budget is a little bigger hit the coast or a place you both want to visit. 
  • Movie night - Have a movie night, watch something you both want to. Eat popcorn, drink slushy and have smarties and most important have a kiss session!
  • Drinks - If your partners day was too long, take your partner for a drink to help them relax.
  • Plan a picnic - Get a perfect spot with a perfect view and wine, snack and just enjoy each others company.
  • Play board games - Go back in time where we still used to play board games and order pizza with fizzy drink! 
  • Head to the spa - Book a spa treatment for you and your partner and just relax the day away.
  • Stargaze - Get lost in the beautiful night by packing a picnic bag and get a spot where you can just lay on a blanket and watch the starts.... Catch a fallen star and putt it in your pocket never let it fad away... Oh yes or make a fire and 'braai' marshmallows. 
  • Take a surprise trip - Arrange a surprise trip and just go away for a weekend or a few days, don't spoil the surprise by telling your partner where you planning to go!
Well if you have any other ideas for a awesome date or just something couples can do together feel free to mail me or comment.

Never ignore the person that truly loves you. 
Because one day you will realize you lost the 
moon while counting the starts.

I'll update you what I will be doing for our date night (with phodies)

Have a great day and be safe!