Friday, 15 April 2016

Holiday in May 2016

Finally... okay well not finally, but it is almost time for my holiday.

We are a family of 8 (well my brothers little one is bit to young to go with us and Koekie our fearless over confident Fox terrier doggy - they will not be joining us for the holiday) we are going to the coast...

This year "I" decided to arrange our family vacation to the coast but first making a few stops just to get into the holiday vibe! If you follow my blog, you'll remember we went to Nelspruit, God's Window, Kruger National Park etc. last year, well this year we are taking the opposite route.

Beaufort West
We will sleep there for one night and this is when the holiday vibes really start to kick in. Beaufort West is in the Karoo. 

Beaufort West View
 Young's Budget Accommodation
I love this place we always stay over when we drive down.

Map of Beaufort West

When we used to live in Mosselbay and visit our family and friends in Cape Town we would drive through Swellendam and this time I told my parents why don't we stay over for two days.

View from Swellendam

Map of Swellendam

I lived in Mosselbay for 3 - 4 years (finished school) and I miss this place sooooo much. 
So we decided to visit again. I am a member of the ATKV (Afrikaanse Taal en Kultuur Vereeniging) so when I booked the accommodation with them I kind of scored, as I was getting better tariffs. 

We are staying at ATKV resorts

 ATKV is busy at the moment to upgrading some of their facilities. So this doesn't look like this anymore - it seems its better now.


Sea view - Hartenbos

I love this center - there is a shell shop we always visit and we always buy a souvenirs there!

'Warm water' swimming pools. We are going in winter so think we will definitely be visiting.

Mosselbay Point - I love it as you always see school of dolphins.

Just a few more pictures...

Beautiful rocks

Santos Harbor

Diaz Beach

Map of Hartenbos/Mosselbay/Diaz - we will be all over the place.

This is what updates you can expect next month on my blog - Travelling content!

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I will also be sharing some of my own photos next month and just all the exciting things about my holiday..... Squuuuuuuck! Can't wait.

Have a great weekend everyone - remember be safe
And support the Emirates Lions!!! :D