Monday, 20 June 2016

@ the beach - chrochet

Gooood morning everyone, 

Wow another cold week lying ahead for us South Africans but it's okay, 
we are just probably going to complaint when it's summer again...:)

I thought I'd skip on the travel photos and do a fashion content today.

The following items isn't to wear to the beach and swim in it, but it 
will be ideal for a fashion show, pageants or photoshoots. 
It was designed and made by my mother. 

1. Sand brown & dark brown 1 piece costume
I love this one piece although I would have prefered the colour in 
brighter shades, I still like the colours as it makes my skin look a 
bit more tanned. 

2. The white two piece floral bikini
Preferable you have to wear a white bikini 
buttom as it is going to show more body than you might want to. 

3. Floral arm band
This is just a nice accessory to add to your white floral bikini.
I have to admit I love a white bikini. I don't know why but its sooo pretty.
White makes you stand out more.

4. Black chrochet beach skirt 
I love this skirt it is great for the beach, you can wear it over your bikini.
You can also wear it to the mall or in public BUT then please wear a small pants under
so the public cant see ANYTHING! 

If you are ever interested in purchasing any of the above items,
feel free to mail me for more details.

Have a great day and be save.