Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Winter 2016 - Socks and shoes

What's in this season?
1. Socks and shoes (hills & flats)...






I am no expert in fashion, but the most important thing in fashion to me is, to always be comfortable with what you wear, does the outfit make you feel confident? 

My personal opinion about the dont's in my content - those combinations just aren't doing it for me. It looks like you quickly grabbed some socks on your way out cause its too cold. Nooooo!!! 
Look at my Do's the combination between the colours and that far off and you can create a sassy outfit. 

Let me know what is your thoughts on socks and hills (or any other shoes).
Send me some pictures!!

Have a great short or long weekend everyone
(South-Africa is celebrating Youth day tomorrow - but I'm working Friday). 

Be save!